Policy research

PIL generates reliable evidence to inform policymaking through research and evaluation. We are well versed in qualitative research, having conducted dozens of policy studies based on literature reviews, interviews with key stakeholders, and with it we mix additional methods as appropriate, including quantitative research, media analysis and direct observation among others. Thematically, our team specializes in international development and social policy-related fields including but not limited to democracy and human rights, disability, migration, gender equality, microfinance, public services and governance.



Evaluations and impact assessments

PIL brings together researchers with experience in conducting programme-level and institutional evaluations for third and public sector clients. We believe in participatory evaluations and engage both the client and stakeholders as much as possible in order to deliver relevant and actionable insights and recommendations. PIL has a track record of evaluations in the areas of democracy and human rights, environment, violence against women and de-institutionalization of care for persons with disabilities.


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Monitoring and programme support

Bridging development policy and practice through a mix of fieldwork and policy analysis expertise, we have a good understanding of the needs of different stakeholders engaged in and affected by interventions and policies. We provide support and technical assistance for programme implementers, including monitoring, peer-reviewing tools and outputs, reporting, and capacity building.

Infographics: from visual summaries of report findings, to layout for reports, graphic PPT presentations and video

As policy researchers and consultants we have come to appreciate the possibility to reflect on key findings of our assignments by developing infographics in addition to producing reports. Infographics help synthesize key information and make it accessible to wider audiences both in terms of being easy to understand and quick to process for the reader. We work with an in-house graphic designer to meet our and your layout and infographic development and design needs.